How we work

Our main goal is to be a long-term partner and advisor to our clients in management and use of tourism services.

Our goal and approach

We apply individual approach to each one of our clients, including thorough understanding of their habits, preferences, and requirements towards us, which subsequently becomes the backbone of our further joint work. The collected information builds the core of our proposal for servicing, which is further supplemented by our expert opinion on improving all aspects of activities relating provision of services.

Innovation and adoption of new methods of work are leading among the services, offered by the department, specialised for business customers – GTS International. Thus in a result of requests by our customers, we are able to work out the most precise services, no matter whether they are concerning usual business trips, or comprehensive tourism programmes for individual travelers or groups.

We negotiate special conditions

Our experience and expertise gained over the years on the Romanian and international market have helped us to build great partnerships with leading providers of tourism services on a global and national scale, including airlines, global tour operators, international reservation systems, insurance companies, hotel chains, hotels in Romania and others. These relations are of direct benefit to our customers because thanks to them and to the large aggregate volumes that we are achieving towards our partners, we manage to negotiate preferential terms, exclusively for our customers.

We, at GTS International, strive to achieve high-volume-implementation of the long-term work with customers rather than one-off sale of services, which strongly affects the conditions that we offer to our clients in servicing them and leads to a significant reduction of the charges applied – one of the major advantages when working with us.

We work qualitatively and professionally.

GTS International team includes some of the most highly qualified and experienced travel consultants of the company, who possess all required qualifications and certificates for working in our industry, including a minimum of 5 years experience of work with clients in tourism. All employees undergo series of trainings, aiming at accumulating skills, related to provision of high-quality services and advice, tailored specifically to the needs of corporate clients.

Dedicated Travel Representatives

Our company strives each of our customers to receive adequate servicing that is in accordance with their specific needs, rules and habits. Therefore, the principle of work by Dedicated Travel Representatives is introduced in this department, providing that each company is served by a particular consultant, who is responsible for all customer needs. These Dedicated Travel Representatives are responsible for the whole process of provision of services to the client subject to the request, starting from processing the request to reporting, analysis and feedback. When it is necessary to provide more complex or specialised service, the specialist involves the respective specialists of the company in providing of this service. However, he/she remains the key contact person for the customer. The Dedicated Travel Representative is available to the customer at any business day. In circumstances beyond the operating hours, the customers are assisted by a consultant on duty, a member of GTS International team, who is available at any time.

We provide security for our customers

GTS International greatly values correct and ethical business relations with both, its customers and its suppliers. By trusting us, our customers can be sure that correct payments will be made to our counterparties in compliance with the agreed terms and that there is no threat to be hampered to use the service, which they have paid, in this country or abroad.

High authorised capital

Our company is one of the very few travel companies in this country with an authorised capital above the minimum, required for the establishment of a company, and namely 2.000.000 lei. In addition to this, the company maintains bank guarantees and insurance policies to its major suppliers, amounting cumulatively to more than 500.000 lei, which are another guarantee to our customers for their seamless use of the travel services provided by us.

Working in correspondence with Romanian laws

We fully respect the provisions of the Romanian legislation on documentation, accounting and tax treatment of services in tourism and in this way we provide protection to our customers against unfair practices.

History of the company

GTS International – one of the leading travel agency for corporate in Romania.

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